Paste the copy you'd like to analyze here.

Now toggle the buttons to the right to see reports of your vocabulary, tone, and cadence — and use these statistics to measure your brand voice.

These results help you identify where your style aligns with your brand or where it might need adjusting.

You can paste another piece of content in the second box to compare your results.

Use this section as a place to edit. Please remember to copy/paste your work to save it! This box resets when you leave the page.

Phrases in green have been marked to show passive voice.

Complex sentences are yellow or red, and words you might want to adjust are blue and purple.

You can format your text directly in this box and immediately see how it affects the voice.

Dive in! Paste whatever you're working on here and edit away.

You can paste the same original content here.

Now you'll have a side-by-side comparison of how your edits changed the voice... Or you can place other on-brand copy in this box to give you a brand voice baseline.

Please remember to save your work to another document before you leave. This section resets when you close the page.

For additional notes on how Verbatim works, please visit the "About Verbatim" page found in the menu above.

We'll show you how the measurements work and what the statistics are calculated.

Stay tuned for more advancements! Verbatim is still in beta mode and we'll continue to improve it with new code so you absolutely nail the brand voice you're going for. We have big plans for this — and we're glad you're part of it.

Thanks for being here! 🙂

(For more information on mastering brand voice, check out

P. S. This is an example of a sentence that's too long and can easily be adjusted to improve its readability by adjusting the cadence and breaking it up into sentences shorter than twenty words. Most sentences in English average 15-20 words.